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Discovery Coast Community Health Service

Discovery Coast Community Health Service (DCCHS) provides a range of primary and allied health care services to identified communities in the Discovery Coast. DCCHS aims to provide primary and allied health care that promotes physical and mental wellbeing by optimising the health status within individual's own environment.

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm

2 Rafting Ground Road, Agnes Water Qld 4677   

Telephone (07) 4902 2000

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Our mission is to deliver excellence in healthcare by working with and supporting individuals, families and communities throughout our region to maximise their physical, social and emotional wellbeing

Our DCCHS team deliver services to suit all community members, from newborn babies to the elderly. All services are delivered free to the community.

Community Nurse

Provides prevention, palliative, curative and rehabilitative nursing care to all ages in collaboration with the DCCHS team. Regularly attends outreach clinics throughout the catchment.

Child Health Nurse

Provides prevention, curative nursing care to newborns to 12 years and works in collaboration with the DCCHS team. Regularly attends outreach clinics throughout the catchment.

Family Support Worker

Supports the communities, families and individuals through practical & emotional support to those experiencing various problems.  Also providing parenting support and behaviour management. Works in collaboration on health education and promotion with the DCCHS team.


Assist clients in general counselling and drug & alcohol therapy. Develop and deliver workshops to educate and support the community in a diverse range of counselling services.


Provides dietary assessment and advice to individuals of all ages for a range of conditions and conducts clinics and educational workshops throughout the catchment.


Provides podiatry assessment and advice to individuals of all ages for a range of conditions and conducts clinics throughout the catchment.

Women’s Health Clinic

Women’s Health Clinics are conducted quarterly throughout the catchment by a visiting Clinical Nurse. 

RFDS Visiting GP service

Conducts 3 day clinics, each 3 months, in Agnes Water. Able to see any clients, the GP from this service is a woman and there is a positive bias to seeing women on these visits.

Needle & Syringe Program

This service is offered in a supportive, caring and confidential manner along with 24 hour Sharps Disposal Bins are provided.

Allied Health Worker - Diversional Therapy & Community Rehabilitation

Assisting the general and elderly population to address issues such as general health and wellbeing, ageing, social isolation and accessing information and services to fully participate in their community.

Allied Health Worker - Nutritionist & Heartmoves Facilitator

Facilitates physical exercise programs and nutrition education in both individual and group settings, supporting clinicians in the provision of services and creation/distribution of health promotion resources to increase the health literacy of individuals and groups.

The DCCHS service reach 8 widespread townships, which include:

  • Turkey Beach and Rodds Harbour
  • Bororen / Foreshores
  • Miriam Vale
  • Lowmead
  • Rosedale
  • Baffle Creek / Wartburg / Rules Beach / Deepwater
  • Captain Creek
  • Agnes Water
  • Town of 1770

The Discovery Coast Regional Health Service (DCCHS) is currently funded by the Primary Health Network under the Rural Primary Health Service Program (RPHS) to provide a range of primary health care services and to meet the physical, psychological and emotional health needs of identified small rural and remote communities in an appropriate, confidential and client friendly setting.

Foundations for Life Antenatal Program

A healthy start in life is an essential step towards a healthy childhood and a productive life. The Foundations for Life program, delivered by a qualified midwife, commenced in November 2016 and has been delivered at IMPACT Community Services alongside and as a ‘value add’ to the existing parenting program, Positive Start.

The aim of the Program is to enhance the health and wellbeing of pregnant women aged under 25 years and their infants who are at greater risk of poor health outcomes in the Bundaberg area.

Contact IMPACT now to find out more by phoning 4153 4233 or emailing us here.