Will I get a job when I finish the course?

IMPACT's experienced staff have strong community links which means we have access to a large number of potential employers, many of whom have employed students from our courses.

Our experienced and skilled staff will help you develop your skills and maximise your chances of finding employment.

Will I retain the information?

It may seem like you have a lot to learn and remember.

However, it all falls into place when you go out on a placement and start using your new skills.

Feedback from students on placements backs this up time and time again.

Will I be able to study as I haven't studied in years?

Absolutely! IMPACT has helped hundreds of people realise their dreams through acquiring a qualification.

Our staff are specialists in their own fields and have many strategies, tips and tricks to help you even if it has been a long time since you learned something new. 

What if I am not a good speller?

You can use computers to type up all assignments, and we have one day a week where we can use a computer room.

Together we can come up with something that works well for you.

How much homework do I need to do?

If you do not complete work within the class times, it is best to try and answer a couple of questions each night.

This helps to keep information fresh in your mind, and it sometimes helps if you do a little bit often.

It is also a good idea to get your own little study space, so when you sit down you know it is time to work.

And don't forget to ask lots of questions.