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2015-16 Chief Executive's Report

People are central to everything that we do. The capacity to influence, change and transform a person’s life is an incredible privilege that cannot be understated. With this privilege comes the responsibility for ensuring that IMPACT staff remain committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients and others within the community. To achieve this, we need to constantly be evaluating and improving our performance, using our organisational superpowers to ensure that what we want to achieve and what we actually achieve are consistent, transparent and reasonable.

So what are IMPACT’s superpowers?

Strength. IMPACT has been an invested part of the community for over 38 years. Diversifying its business with a mix of employment, support and training programs, operating a number of business enterprises that provide a mechanism for the achievement of social and economic outcomes, having a strong culture that embodies the work that we do, demonstrating commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, achieving strong performance in its core business, increasing its staffing numbers to in excess of 170, creating good governance and business frameworks and continuing to build on IMPACT’s strong financial performance and asset base to provide a strong foundation from which to create ongoing sustainability.

A great team. Our people are central to our success. We employ a group of people who create a mechanism for change every day – and this happens simply because they turn up to work and decide that what they did yesterday can be improved. They decide that today is the day they go one step further. Our great team also includes our relationships with partners, funders, volunteers and other stakeholders who work with us because they strongly believe in our vision. Without these relationships we could not continue to do the work that we do.

Teleportation. Due to its degree of diversity, IMPACT is in a unique position. It operates from a range of business models that create opportunities for innovation and replication in areas outside of Bundaberg. This year, we have tested our capacity to spread our geographical presence, securing an employment contract in Rockhampton and a clinical service in the Discovery Coast. These new services have enabled IMPACT’s brand to be in different places at once, giving our organisation brand presence like we have never experienced before.

Motivation. The IMPACT team has the ability to motivate and prepare people for change. This superpower creates new superhero’s every day – our incredible clients who demonstrate resilience, motivation and courage to overcome significant barriers and challenges in their lives. I would like to personally thank our clients for the privilege of working with them during their individual journey.

Brave. Now more than ever we need to be brave. We need to be conscious, self-reflective leaders who understand that protecting our sovereignty is an outdated concept. Instead, we need to be brave enough to make the bold decisions that ensure that our clients are central to all decision-making.

Whilst it is important to reflect on the achievements of the past, we are firmly committed to enabling the change that is necessary to successfully transition into the future. We have lots of work ahead of us in the next 18 months, but I am confident that our organisational superpowers will ensure that we overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Tanya O'Shea 

Chief Executive