To lead the community in pioneering improved life opportunities

Building a caring and inclusive community through opportunities which empower people, improve resilience and social and economic participation

Trust; Empowerment; Relevance; Compassion; Inclusiveness

We are IMPACT Community Services, a charitable organisation that supports people who may be experiencing disadvantage, poverty or exclusion from community, social and employment networks. Through our programs and services, we assist individuals and families build resilience and reconnect with the community in a positive way to realise an improved quality of life.

In our organisation, it is not just about delivering services – it is about protecting the social fabric of our community and improving the lives of the people that live within it. The majority of people who work for IMPACT do so because they believe in our vision and our values and the work that we do, and are motivated by their determination to make a difference to the lives of others. Our values of trust, empowerment, relevance, compassion and inclusiveness are not developed just to be put up on a poster on the wall. They go to the heart of how our organisation and our people conduct themselves, therefore our staff need to connect with the work of the organisation and the philosophical viewpoint on why we do what we do. Our why is the filter through which we make the decisions that bring our vision to life, therefore we believe that by ‘Providing a safe, inclusive and supportive pathway, people will reach their potential’.

This individualised pathway, consisting of LIVE, GROW and PROSPER is the foundation of our service delivery, with all programs and services aligned to each of these pillars. We offer a wide range of support, training and employment programs that will help you live life, grow your potential and prosper in your future from new and exciting opportunities.

Change is possible, but we know that sometimes people need a little help, and different people need different types of help because we all have different dreams. But one thing is certain - your change starts with the smallest of things – a conversation, an email or a telephone call.

Our team are committed, compassionate and ready to support you through your next challenge. So, come along to IMPACT - start your journey, you may just surprise yourself!

IMPACT Community Services is a not-for-profit organisation that has been delivering services in Bundaberg since 1978.