WHEN asked what makes IMPACT Community Services stand out from other employers, Anton Ranger responds with just one word: “positivity”. In his line of work, so-called ‘burn out’ is common.

“Some days as a disability support worker are hard, but the people - staff and participants – make it enjoyable to come to work every day,” Mr Ranger said.

“There is real camaraderie here; a friendly banter between staff. Managers have an open door policy and we are encouraged to debrief and talk openly in a confidential setting.

“We know we can drive out of here and leave it all behind at the end of the day, and pick it up in the morning.”

Part of a team

He said staff and clients were made to feel like they’re part of a team. 

“I get a real kick out of seeing how much participants have achieved in 12 months and then helping them set new goals,” Mr Ranger said. 

“There is a culture here at IMPACT that says all goals are worth pursuing. While some people may say certain outcomes are unrealistic for our participants, we see the value in the process.

“A drivers licence, for example: it may not be possible for all clients to attain the plastic card in their wallet at the end of the day, but we can help them learn road rules and develop comprehension skills. We can be a shining light to steer them in the right direction to reach their full potential.”

Mr Ranger said staff were encouraged to follow their individual interests and strengths at IMPACT.

“I’ve played in bands most of my life, and enjoy being involved in the IMPACT Community Choir. And at various times they’ve called on my previous work experience to contribute to other programs and teams,” he said.

Great work-life balance

The father of four had a varied career interstate and overseas in radio, aged care and remote indigenous services before his search for a better lifestyle led him to IMPACT.

“Bundaberg ticked all the boxes – great outdoor lifestyle, affordable and not too populated, but with all the amenities,” Mr Ranger said.

“Working at IMPACT, with a nine day fortnight and family first policy, has given me work-life balance.”