At IMPACT Community Service's Recycling and Collections (R&C) centre we employ 27 workers with disability under the Australian Government's Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE).

We provide a supported work environment where our staff help individual workers identify areas to grow their skills and undertake any training they may need.

What are the requirements for working at R&C?

Potential workers are required to be receiving the Disability Support Pension.

Are the positions full-time or part-time?

Full-time only. We work on a 76-hour fortnight with a fortnightly rostered day off (RDO).

How do we learn more about R&C?

Our Training Placement Officers are at IMPACT Community Services. Call 4153 4233 to learn more. Or, if you're interested in taking a look at the operation, please contact R&C's Manager Tim on 4155 3411.

Is R&C a Supported Wage System (SWS) operation?

Yes. Workers are trained and evaluated by independent assessors. Annual assessments are then undertaken.

Do workers lose their Disability Support Pension (DSP)?

No, in most cases workers will keep a majority of the DSP while earning a wage.

The ADE is managed by IMPACT in partnership with Bundaberg Regional Council