Psychosocial support services help people with severe mental illness to build skills to manage their mental illnesses, improve their relationships with family and others, and increase social and economic participation.

NPSM referral service is only available in the South Burnett.

Who is it for:

People experiencing severe mental health conditions who are currently being managed in the primary care setting via a General Practitioner (GP) and/or a Psychiatrist

  • have an associated level of reduced psychosocial functional capacity;
  • are not assisted by the NDIS;
  • are not clients of the Continuity of Support program.
  • 18+

Support Provided:

  • support people with a severe mental health condition and associated psychosocial functional impairment who are not currently supported through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS);
  • provide psychosocial support to people with severe mental health conditions who can be appropriately managed in the primary care setting as part of their overall treatment; 
  • provide a flexible and responsive service; 
  • promote recovery, and align with the National Framework for Recovery Oriented Mental Health Services 2013 where relevant; 
  • coordinate with other health and support services already provided to people with severe mental health conditions and complex needs.

Lived experienced PEER Workers will provide a provide person-centred, holistic and recovery-oriented coordinated care model with a focus on collaboration, integrated and coordinated care.

This could include:

  • Social skills and connections, including family connections 
  • day to day living skills 
  • financial management and budgeting 
  • finding and maintaining a home 
    • vocational skills and goals 
  • maintaining physical wellbeing, including exercise 
  • building broader life skills including confidence and resilience 


To discuss eligibility for National Psychosocial Support Measure 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0458077168  or 0488534222