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Parenting support

IMPACT's Positive Start parenting support service is for mums and dads with children aged 0-12 (and up to 18 in special cases) who need a little help and support. If you need advice, have a few questions or simply want to meet other parents in a relaxing supportive environment, then Positive Start is for you.

IMPACT's support worker will work with you to develop life and parenting skills, offer advice on other community services available to you and provide a safe and child-friendly environment you feel comfortable in. Family networks, friends and mentors are welcome to come to IMPACT with you if this is what you want.

The Positive Start Parenting group meets weekly on a Wednesday for discussions or activities. One-on-one assistance can be provided when or if you need it too. Participation in the service is voluntary.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does someone join the Positive Start Parenting program?
    If you are the one wanting to join the group, you can self-refer; all you have to do is call or drop in and ask. You can pick up a referral form from our office if you'd like to talk it over with a friend, e.g. someone you know who may be suited to the program.
  • What are the requirements to join Positive Start Parenting?
    You must have children aged 0-12 (up to 18 in special circumstances)
  • Do I have to be pregnant to join the group?
    No. Positive Start is for every parent, either those expecting or those with children.
  • Is it free?
    Yes. Ideally it is a good idea to make an appointment but our door is always open if you just want to pop in and speak with support staff.
  • Do I have to come to group every Wednesday?
    Our group get-togethers are very much encouraged, but they are voluntary and not compulsory – you can attend whenever you need support or just want to socialise with other parents At group meeting we like to invite outside speakers (Eg child Health or financial counsellors) to share their expertise and they are always great fun and informative.

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