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Surprising Stories

Staffing Solutions

Do you need free professional services to help you find staff? IMPACT Community Services can help. Our employment team offer exceptional support and a strong commitment to help your business prosper.

“We have a large support network here at IMPACT,” said Employment Account Manager David Maxey-Fisher. “It means we’re able to spent the best part of our time helping each employer to meet their specific recruitment needs. Whether you’re after 1 staff or 10, we’re happy to help”

IMPACT can take the time to find the right person for the job by shortlisting suitable candidates. “We’re all about giving employers the right person for the job, and it really does save them valuable time. Some local jobs can have as many as 300 applications, now that must waste a bit of their time. We’ll help narrow down the jobseekers for you and put forward the ones with the best suitability.”

One local business who has had success using IMPACT’s employment services is NEW iMAGE Laundry. Danny Leary, Laundry Manager, said it has been a great support. “Every day’s a busy day at the laundry, so we’re grateful that IMPACT narrowed down the application pool,” Mr Leary said. “We now have Cody with us and he’s a real inspiration. He’s hardworking, willing to learn and stays on task, couldn’t have asked for a better candidate.”

Cody also says IMPACT helped him considerably. “I was working seasonal shifts on a farm and when that stopped I really needed to find a job,” he said. “Everyone at IMPACT has been really helpful and I love my job here at the laundry.” 

IMPACT offer a personalised, efficient and effective service that is free. “We understand the local labour market and we know how to save businesses time and money,” said David.

If you’d like an Employment Account Manager to visit you please email 

Business Made Easy 

When you’re suddenly out of work, after many years’ of employment, you start to wonder if you’ll cop another break, but thanks to the partnerships of local businesses and IMPACT staff, jobs are being made possible. Two gentlemen we know through their participation in our employment services are thrilled to be back on track and earning a full-time wage. Rob and Rob are thankful to have gained permanent employment with Bundaberg Motor Group (BMG), which has given them purpose and an improved life.

“It’s the start of a new chapter for me. I was out of work for over 10 months after a work injury and now I get to learn new skills and meet people every day. Finding a job again has been life-changing, I love it here,” Rob B said.

Rob E has the same sentiments, “I was out of work for 12 months so having a regular income again means a lot, it completely changes your lifestyle. I now have purpose to get out of bed, I’m learning new processes and I’m really enjoying it at BMG, everyone is great to work with.”

IMPACT’s Employment Advisor, Michael Hayman has been working with Barry, HR Manager at BMG, with recruitment services. Barry says Michael has made the employment process very easy.

Barry stated, “Michael has made it easy, he is full of information and very professional, plus he offers untiring assistance. Michael also introduced us to the Back to Work payment incentive of the Queensland Government, which has been a great boost as an employer. I am extraordinarily happy with the guys we have working with us. They’re great workers, they’re mature and they want to be here, which is important.”

IMPACT’s marketing team prides itself on building rapport with local business owners / managers to ensure we have a good understanding of your business requirements. If you’re looking for staff please contact our team on 4153 4233.

Bonus for Business

When someone obtains a secure job placement in a local business, and that business in turn is rewarded for their commitment to their staff, then we have a fantastic good news story.

Di has now been employed at Alexandra Motor Inn for more than 12 months.  Previous to this she was unemployed and receiving Centrelink benefits, however since she is over the age of 50 she was eligible to be employed under the Australian Government’s Restart program. Restart offers a wage subsidy to the employer, which helps employers to retain staff, and it helps mature age people find and maintain employment.

IMPACT Workforce Solutions Consultant Darren Morgan was excited to explain how this has helped Di and the local hospitality business.

“This is such a great success story,” Darren said. “And we’re really excited to present Lech with a cheque for the Restart bonus of $3500. This means, all up, we have been able to offer $10,000 in total to a local business just for employing a mature age worker. It is a wonderful outcome for everyone involved.” 

Lech Blaine, owner of Alexandra Motor Inn, said Restart’s financial assistance has been fantastic for the business but employing Di has been just as rewarding. “Di brings with her lots of experience and knowledge and in the hospitality industry that’s just what we need, she is a great worker,” he said. “The money we received has gone straight back into the business to help refurbish another room. It’s definitely been a game changer for the motel.”

If you’d like to reward your business and feature in our next great news publication, talk to the employment team today about hiring suitable staff. 

March 2016

Employment outcomes made easy


A call to IMPACT was a step in the right direction for Dustin when he needed to find a new job. “From the first time I called, everyone at IMPACT was friendly and ready to help me,” Dustin said. “I’d only been unemployed for 6 months but needed to update my resume and get some support to find work in Bundy. I had been applying to loads of jobs out of the area and you just never hear back from anyone. When I got to IMPACT I went into a group introduction activity with other jobseekers and before I knew it I had a team of people willing to help me out; it was great, and such a turnaround from my other experiences!”

Darren Morgan, an IMPACT Workforce Solutions Consultant, knew exactly where to look for Dustin to gain employment. “I made a few calls and within two days Dustin had a new job. What a fantastic outcome,” Darren said.

Dustin had a call from James at Reclink Australia who was looking for site supervisors to oversee their Work for the Dole activities. “It was a very smooth recruitment process all made easier by Darren’s help,” James said. “I talked to Dustin, organised an interview and employed him straight up because he had all the skills for the job. Darren’s help and the employment services that are available through IMPACT were a great help when looking for staff.”

“It is so good to be back in fulltime work, especially in a local position where I can stay close to family.” said Dustin.

IMPACT delivers employment services under the Australian Government’s jobactive initiative.