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Surprising Stories

Working Together Means Play Time

IMPACT Community Services are proud to officially open their new “Happy Place” Children’s Playground on Thursday December 8. The Positive Start Parenting program will hold their Christmas gathering in the park setting so all the children, parents and staff can experience the new equipment. The interactive play ground is a sun-safe place for families and children to connect, grow, be active and learn together.

Positive Start Parenting facilitator Jannene Thorn said everyone is very excited. “It is such a great educational and fun space to be in, the kids will love it. With the new activities areas we all get a chance to put the theory into practice, such as the Abecedarian learning we’ve all been involved in, which recognises parents as first teachers and learning through games,” she said.

“The play area will be made available to other specialised supported playgroups and is a great addition to our existing facilities such as the pool and activities room.”

The playground design and construction was overseen by IMPACT’s Work for the Dole (WfD) team. “We sourced as many recycled products and materials as possible,” said WfD coordinator Theresa Scherer. “The playground has been designed to specifically support the 0 to 4-year age groups with interactive areas that enhance learning and motor skills.”

“Participants of the WfD program were involved in construction and were taught valuable skills in planning, quoting, building, plumbing, concreting, and painting, some also turned their hand to a little horticultural work.

“A big thank you goes to McHugh Steel and Bundaberg Roller Doors who were instrumental in helping us develop the project. Both businesses helped to supply materials for the storage shed construction.”

The official opening was held at IMPACT Community Services, 108 Bargara Road, Bundaberg on December 8, 2016

Positive start to parenting

Kelsey was 17 years old, pregnant and not in a good relationship or mental mindset when she first came to IMPACT's Positive Start Parenting program. Now two years later, she is happy, confident, and ready to face her future with an optimistic attitude. “It was a pretty tough time,” Kelsey said. “There were lots of family troubles and illness at home. I was under heaps of pressure and I was in a pretty unhealthy relationship. I fell pregnant at 17 and didn't know what to do. I was even suicidal.” A referral to the young mums support program saw her through, and now 2½ years later, Kelsey and son Jai enjoy the social interaction. “Its nice meeting other mums who you can share your story with, especially knowing you won't be judged at all,” Kelsey said. “I enjoy our outings together and the information we learn when people come and talk to us. I now have a better understanding of what local support is available if I ever need it again.”