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IMPACT provide strong life foundations for you to grow and prosper! You have an opportunity to improve your life through our diverse...

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Training & Volunteering


IMPACT is a Registered Training Organisation that prides itself on quality training with follow-up support. Our trainers are passionate about...

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Employment Services


If your organisation is looking to hire new staff, or you're looking for a job, IMPACT are here to support your search efforts. Our employment...

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LIVE - You have an opportunity to improve your life through our diverse range of support services at IMPACT. If you are in need of support for disability, mental illness, unemployment, youth and young parents, isolated seniors, we can help. IMPACT Community Services embraces an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone!

GROW - IMPACT is a Registered Training Organisation that prides itself on quality training with follow-up support. Our trainers are passionate about their role and they look forward to helping you reach your full potential.

PROSPER - If your organisation is looking to hire new staff, or you're looking for a job, IMPACT are here to support your search efforts. Our employment support will give you the best opportunities for a prosperous future.

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IMPACT Community Services Commercial Laundering In Bundaberg, washing and ironing, domestic laundry services, & commercial linen laundering and hire



Container Refund Scheme

If you are looking to recycle your goods - simply take them to our refund point, located at 78 University Drive, Bundaberg and we will count the containers for you and pay the money directly into your account using your Containers for Change Scheme ID.



Why support us?

How you can help IMPACT Community Services help others in our community. We support people in our region who are experiencing disadvantage. Many may just need simple reassurance, a few basic life skills and connection to their community; some need a full support package and a helping hand, but either way we're here to help people transform their lives.





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Latest Stories from IMPACT community Services

  • Finding purpose in the workplace: how can I make an IMPACT?

    David Maxey-Fisher remembers turning 45 years of age and thinking to himself, 'Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?' He was approaching his 20th anniversary with one the Big Four Banks. He was good at his job, his customers were loyal and he was financially in a strong position but he still felt like there was something missing in his professional life. Read more

  • STRONGER TOGETHER: Community Hub to benefit Bundaberg

    Visiting numerous service providers and community groups to provide paperwork or documentation can be difficult, especially for families who may struggle with transport, child care options or long working hours. Being a community organisation, IMPACT hears the challenges of the Bundaberg people and has been working hard to find a solution. Read more

  • Meet Jannene Thorn, IMPACT's Mental Health champion

    Jannene Thorn knows a thing or two about lending a helping hand to those in need of support. Jannene is IMPACT Community Services' Manager of Mental Health Services and has worked at IMPACT for 10 years across at least four different programs. Jannene loves the work she does and the reputation IMPACT has in the community. Read more

  • STRONGER TOGETHER: Your mindset begins with you

    As human beings, we are inherently social creatures. We haven’t changed much from our ancestors, who hunted, travelled and thrived being part of a social group. If separated from their tribe though, it could result in catastrophic consequences. Fortunately, while the threat of a sabre tooth tiger attack is no longer a concern for us today, the issues that can be experienced when disconnected from our social group are still very real. Read more

  • IMPACT’s Community Hub: a one-stop-shop of service providers

    Providing documentation or receiving advice from multiple service providers can be a time consuming and exhausting process. Visiting one provider after another can take hours, if not days or weeks to complete, depending on one’s available time. That’s why IMPACT Community Services has decided to host a Community Hub. Read more

Support Programs

  • Youth Services

    Kids, youths, teenagers, young adults - are you looking for support? Perhaps you're looking for an employment pathway? Need a job? Want to start a training course to gain new skills? Maybe you're just feeling down and need a helping hand and someone who listens. Read more

  • Parenting Support

    IMPACT's Positive Start parenting support service is for mums and dads with children aged 0-12 who need a little help and support. Read more

  • Family Mental Health Support Services

    FMHSS aims to improve mental health outcomes for children and young people, and their families. FMHSS provides early intervention support to assist vulnerable families with children and young people who are at risk of, or affected by, mental illness. Read more

  • In-Home Support

    IMPACT can help you in-home with your personal care, domestic assistance, social support, life skills development and services. Read more

  • Community Navigator

    IMPACT Community Service’s Community Navigator program can set you on the pathway to success. This program is tailored to help those on the Cashless Debit Card by providing the support and guidance they need to overcome any of life’s obstacles and achieve greater independence and well-being. Read more

  • Intensive Family Support

    IMPACT Community Service's Intensive Family Support service works with families experiencing multiple and/or complex needs who have children unborn to 18 years of age. Read more

  • Foundations For Life

    THE objective of IMPACT Community Service's Foundation for Life Program is to improve access to high quality and appropriate antenatal and postnatal care for vulnerable and at-risk women aged under 25 years and their partners in the Bundaberg region. Read more

  • Community Health

    IMPACT Community Health Service provides health services for residents in the Discovery Coast region. The Discovery Coast comprises a population of more than 6000 people from the townships and surrounds of Agnes Water, Seventeen Seventy, Baffle Creek/Wartburg, Rosedale, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, Bororen and Turkey Beach. Read more

  • National Psychosocial Support Measure

    Psychosocial support services help people with severe mental illness to build skills to manage their mental illnesses, improve their relationships with family and others, and increase social and economic participation. Read more

  • Continuity of Support

    Continuity of Support will provide support for clients who have previously accessed services under Partners in Recovery (PIR), Support for Day to Day Living in the Community (D2DL) and Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs) as at 30 June 2019 who are ineligible to receive services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Read more

  • Peer Support services Program

    IMPACT Community Service's Group Based Peer Recovery Support Program is for those aged 18 years and over experiencing a severe mental health illness (either episodic or persistent) and who have had contact with mental health services within the past three months. Access to the group is prioritised for people who are not NDIS eligible. Read more

  • Child & Youth program

    The Child and Youth Enhanced Primary Mental Health Program (CYCC) at IMPACT Community Services specialises in helping children and young people aged between 12-25 years of age who are suffering from mental illness in the Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN areas of Bundaberg, Agnes Water and North Burnett. Read more

  • Mental Health Services

    Our staff at IMPACT understand and genuinely care about the mental health of our clients. Everyone experiences mental health differently, so our support focuses on each person's individual experience, their strengths and what is needed for a better recovery. Read more