You may be eligible for Skilling Qeenslanders for Work (train at no cost to you), Certificate 3 Guarantee or other programs that offer government training subsidies for Certificate III courses.

Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW)

SQW will pay all course costs, including uniforms, for students who meet SQW eligibility. This includes second-chance funding if you already have a Certificate III or higher. You do not need to be in receipt of Centrelink payments to access this funding (ask IMPACT's friendly staff for details of SQW eligibility).

More information on each funding option can be found on our Skilling Queenslanders for Work page.

Certificate 3 Guarantee

C3G provides Queenslanders with access to government subsidised training places, up to and including their first Certificate III level qualification in priority training areas.

Accessing this government funding may reduce your ability to receive further subsidised training in the future. C3G eligibility requirements include:
• 15 years of age or older
• Have either finished or left secondary school
• Permanently residing in Queensland
• Meet Australian citizenship requirements
• Not hold or be enrolled in a Certificate III or higher level qualification

C3G student contribution
There is a $50 student co-contribution cost (for holders of a concession card) or $100 (for non-concession).
Students will need to purchase a uniform (approximate cost $30 each).

Other students

If you’re ineligible for the above funding support, speak to IMPACT's staff about other possible funding options. The full course cost is found on each course profile and a payment plan may be negotiated if paying the full amount. Students will need to purchase a uniform.

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